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Customs Services

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In import- export business, the customs declaration, the liquidity contract manufacturing for export, contract, temporary import for re-export, refund, the industrial and commercial license, the commercial quota , ... are obstacles for many businesses. 

With team of professional staffs have been trained to become the Customs Agency, Greensea are confident to perform the following operations:

On behalf of the shipper, we work with customs authorities and other related industries.
• Electronic customs declaration, remote customs decleration.
• Clearing live entries.
• Tax refund, no income tax for export production.
• Use special-purpose softwares for customs declaration, copyright
• In addition to speedy customs clearance for your everyday international shipments, we offer the expertise and depth of resources needed to help you transport goods that require special treatment in customs at a reasonable price
Don’t hesitate to contact GOLDEN WAVE for consultancy of customs services:
• Clarification for customs regulations and procedures.
• Determination of tax quotation for certain goods.
• Supplement suitable preferential conditions into tax system.
• Declare customs on-spot for separate and individual cargo.   



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